Episode 6 Review

I don’t know if any of you have ever noticed, but Brock-based episodes seem to be very rare in Pokémon. It pretty much comes down to when one of his Pokémon evolve, or he catches a new one. Even then, he may not get his own episode when one of those things happen. I hope to change that. Of course, I haven’t done so well so far, seeing as this is my first one, and its one where Brock catches a Pokémon. Another thing of note, it’s always been my personal opinion that when a gym leader is traveling with Ash, that gym leader should capture mostly Pokémon of the type of gym they have. That means that Brock should be catching Rock-Types, like Meteorfight. So far, the only gym leader to really have followed that trend was Misty. Brock, Cilan, Iris, and Clemont have all strayed from their gym’s type.


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