Episodes 1 and 2 Review

Just as I do for my for my other story, I’ll provide reviews of each episode right before the following episode is posted.

I’ve always loved Pokémon, and I am so happy to actually be writing a Pokémon story. The first episode is a little unconventional as far as the show typically goes. Normally it’s the last episode of the previous series which shows Ash at home and learning about/preparing to travel to the next region. Of course, I don’t have the luxury of having a previous series to explain everything for me, so the first episode had to serve a different function (speaking of not having the luxury of a previous series, this series is assumed to come sometime after X and Y, but not necessarily right after it). Brenda’s origin comes from the female playable trainer able to be picked to play in Terra/Luna/Sol Versions. The second episode is based off a similar event in my original game concepts. There, you first pick your starter Pokémon, then your rival picks the one good against it, you battle, than Cosmo and Team Planetary come in and steal the third. You battle him, but he gets away.


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